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“Single Ladies” opens in the perfect place: the male strip club. Omar, Keisha and April are veterans at this place, Raquel however not so much, but she catches on quickly when Omar tells her “don’t hand it to him, GIVE it to him” when coaching her on how to give the stripper money.

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Keshia seems to be enjoying herself thoroughly, and even asks for a private dance from one of the guys. However, her enjoyment turns a little strange when she imagines that the stripper is Malcolm and then Sean. Obviously, Keisha isn’t over Malcolm, or Sean for that matter.

April, in the meantime, is using this outing to find her next date, as she snags up one of the cuties at the club and exchanges numbers. Now in the real world, dating a stripper might be forbidden but all is fair in love in Atlanta.

Over at V, Raquel’s father finally comes and visits the boutique and asks his daughter how her relationship with her mother is going and also touches on her relationship with her ex. She tells her father that she is happy in her life right now, and wants to keep things they way they are. Her father invites her to the Kappa Boule Ball, and she agrees despite the fact that she know her ex will be there. Of course, she invites her girls April and Keshia along for moral support.

When the girls arrive at the ball, Raquel immediately runs into some of her old friends. She introduces April to her cute friend Reggie, and immediately April is smitten. Another one of Raquel’s old friends, Taylor, is also at the ball, but her snobby attitude makes her less attractive, as she makes fun of Keshia’s background and doesn’t want to shake April’s hand after she extends it.

Taylor isn’t the only one that turns her nose up at April during the ball, most of the party goers want nothing to do with April, that is until she runs into her old friend, Shelly, who is also Jerry’s daughter and Quin’s ex-fiancee. Turns out that Shelly is now engaged to the “next Barack” and the girls are all happy to see each other, despite of Val’s history with her father.

On the other side of the room, Raquel runs into her ex-fiancee, who tells her how upset he is about their breakup. For a split second, Raquel feels a little sad for her ex, until his new girlfriend comes over to them and interrupts. Stunned, Raquel boldly dismisses her ex and his new woman, and Keshia and April hurry over to comfort her.

The ball gets interesting when Keshia spots Malcolm holding Raquel’s snobby friend Taylor’s arm, and escorting her down the stairs.

Keshia immediately looks for a cute gentleman to talk with, and she meets Randall. The two exchange numbers and Keshia makes sure she is seen with Randall at all times.

April finally figures out why everyone has been giving her the cold shoulder all night: because of her relationship with the city’s mayor. April is embarrassed, and finds a friend in a woman named Josephine. April admits to Josephine that she’s isn’t proud of her relationship with the mayor and also isn’t proud of her new relationship with a stripper.  Josephine’s advice to April? “Don’t just have a dream, do the dream!”

Everything seems to be going well for the girls after a bit of drama, until Keshia spots Malcolm and Taylor kissing from across the room. Devastated, Keshia runs out of the ball with tears in her eyes, trying to hide from anyone seeing her. Luckily, her girls aren’t too far away, and they come to comfort her and quickly leave the ball.

Obviously, Keshia isn’t over Malcolm.

Things really get crazy when Keshia finds out that Taylor is changing her address to Malcolm’s address! SMH

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“This Would Be Easier To Explain If You Were In Rehab”, “Single Ladies” [RECAP]

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