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I’ve written about the woes of having to compete with small-waist ample bottomed sisters for a millisecond of attention- boohoo. It made the brothers chuckle at our shenanigans and foolery. They know we’re beautiful and cannot simply understand why we find fault so easily. After that article some of us learned to focus on improving the skin we’re in while others are steady on the journey to acceptance taking it one day at a time.

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It must be my thirties creeping up with the quickness but after a passionate session or two I stay anticipating stimulating verbal exchange in bed as opposed to making a sandwich. He repeatedly told me that my mind was what kept him around me through all these years even when the possibility of us reuniting was non-existent, even when my heart was occupied. I laughed at the salesmanship, so well thought through although no longer needed. Why wouldn’t the self-proclaimed goddess intellect want to be praised for her most prized possession? It took me awhile, years, to take what he was saying to me verbally and through his actions seriously.

It has taken me awhile to take myself seriously, if that makes any sense at all. I am beginning to see what the difference is in seduction and sustainability. Seduction is so simple yet dangerous that we become easily bored. Sustainability has become the new in thing for me.

The reason a player plays is not because they necessarily has a high sex drive or any physical thirst, it’s the lack of sustainable substance in a partner. Before we can desire to be that keeper we must become a sustainable partner solo- yes juxtapose yo’ life!

Here is a quick list of mentally attractive qualities:

  • 3 Core Values: We work on discovering values in my Relationship Vision Workshop. Your core values are what define you and your beliefs. My core values are Play, adventure and create. When you know your values then you will be like T1000 zeroing in on those with similar or complimentary values. Sharing values is the ultimate high- truth.
  • Imagination: Remember the playful little kid you were? You may have been into comics, bugs, trucks or Barbies. Whatever it was, don’t be afraid to let that mindset take over for a little bit. Our inner child is attractive because it allows us to explore new territory. Exploration in and outside of the bedroom is extremely sexy.
  • Vulnerability: This one is tough. We may have been vulnerable with someone before and they performed a stepping routine on our hearts. We may be still aching from that. I understand. But when you’re ready, being vulnerable and taking the risking that pain could come about is really the ultimate strength. We are gonna fall, but the rise is that much greater.

I’m in the most vulnerable, imaginative and value complimentary time of my life right now. I have a plate load of projects of passion that I’m working on and I thank God for who he’s put in my corner to go over details with and vent to.

In a future post I’ll expand on vulnerability. I believe this is key to bringing about serenity after a painful past.

On Sunday June.24th I’m hosting an event in my hometown of Toronto called “Battle of The Sexes- Is Chivalry Dead Or In A Coma?” Private live streaming/chat during the event is available for those who won’t be able to make the live event. For more details please visit the Battle of The Sexes event page.


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