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Lala got her career start as a media person, and on this episode of “Lala’s Full Court Life”, she got to experience the ugly side of the media, and some of the downs of being famous. Whenever Lala and her son, Kiyan, have “mommy and me time” throughout the streets of New York City, there are always a ton of cameras in sight, capturing her every move. Of course it’s great if you’re working on new projects and want to remain relevant to be photographed whenever you’re out and about and be featured on blogs but on the downside, you can’t discipline your child without it being captured by cameras, and people making assumptions that you’re “abusing” your only son.

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Meanwhile, another one of Lala’s BFFs, Wiz, decides that she wants to develop a cooking show teaching celebrities how to cook. She enlists La as her first celebrity client. La thinks this is a great idea and is excited to help her friend, but first, has a few business ventures to take care of on her own.

She’s been promoting her new movie, “Think Like A Man”, and she she does a phone interview for a popular magazine, the interviewer asks her about an incident where she lost her temper in public with Kiyan recently. Lala says she doesn’t know what incident the interviewer is referring to, and goes to Google to do some research on herself.

Alas, she finds the blog post where Lala is shown in a picture grabbing Kiyan’s arm in Times Square. This picture is clearly taken of context, because anyone that truly knows La (and yes, after watching this show for two seasons, Lala is my BFF as well, lol), knows that she is the sweetest person and best mother anyone could be.

La head over to do an interview with “The Breakfast Club” where the situation is brought up again. Annoyed, Lala clears the air by telling them, “Any time someone questions your parenting skills, you know, that kind of hurts.”

Even though she’s cleared the air on the subject of her parenting skills, she’s still feeling upset that it was even questioned in the first place. She meets up with her friend, Terrence J, and explains to him the situation at hand. Terrence agrees that anytime you bring a child up into the equation, things get a little messy but he also keeps it real by saying that you have to love the media because they are the ones that keep them relevant in this business. Touche

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