Vaccinations cause debates amongst many parents. Some parents are totally against them and some are totally for it. The main concern for parents are the side effects that may occur after certain vaccines are administered. Some even talk that certain vaccines may lead to Autism; however this has not been proven. Check out this report from the CDC on this issue.

My stance on this issue is very simple. I have full trust in my pediatrician and his recommendations for my child. My daughter’s pediatrician has been there from the very first day my daughter was born. He is a well respected phenomenal pediatrician. When it came time for my daughter to get her first shots he informed me of all the risks but also informed me of all the benefits. The ultimate decision was still up to my husband and I.

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Ultimately we chose to go with the doctor’s recommendations and administer the shots. Some may totally disagree but as parents we have the right to choose. The American Academy of  Pediatrics provide an enouroums amount of  resources on educating the public about the importance of immunizations. I say, educate yourself first before you make a decision. My daughter has taken about eight shots since she’s been born and she is a perfectly healthy little girl.

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