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Bicycling is an ideal form of commuting to and from work, and it will definitely save you money.

The folks at self.com has some great tips on how to bike to work.

Here are great tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your maiden voyage.

1. Go with the flow, meaning the traffic flow. Don’t ride in the wrong direction, stay to the right and obey all traffic lights. It’s not only the law, it’s the safest way to travel. I see these messengers and delivery guys go careening around corners the wrong way and it makes me cringe. You can feel confident, but don’t get overconfident, since car drivers need to be able to expect you to be in the right place, and the way to stay safe is to move with traffic.

2. Stay off the sidewalk. Unless you are a little kid, it’s not legal and you’ll plow into people, planters, leashes, etc. Get a little courage up and hit the blacktop-but do stay about an arm’s length away from parked cars, since one door swinging open can ruin your whole day.

Jump away your jiggle.

3. Wear a helmet. You may not fall on your cranium, but between truck mirrors and doors opening, it’s just a really good idea to be protected. All the ones sold at bike stores meet U.S. safety requirements, and for about 50 bucks you are buying a really good piece of insurance. Cracked it? Buy a new one.

Click here for more tips.

Get fit without leaving home.

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