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George Zimmerman doesn’t have a “Get Out Of Jail Free Card,” although he does get to just walk out. Zimmerman’s defense attorneys managed to get him released on $150K of bail, however the new challenge is keeping the man who killed an innocent teenager–Trayvon Martin–safe on the outside of those iron bars.

According to Huffington Post, other high-profile defense attorneys have given Zimmerman’s defense advice: “Get him out of Florida, keep him from going out in public and never leave him alone.”

Cameramen, reporters and the like stalked the Seminole County Jail this weekend, hoping to catch a glimpse of Zimmerman as he walks out of the jail. However, Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara said it would take a few days to release Zimmerman from jail as Zimmerman’s family needs to secure the bail, Zimmerman has to be fitted for his house arrest bracelet and they have to find the sensationalized murderer a safe place to dwell until his trial. “I would much rather do this safely than quickly,” O’Mara commented.

The problem is that the world knows where Zimmerman is being released from, we just have no idea where he’ll be going. Oh how the tables have turned and now the neighborhood watchman, turned killer needs protection because of his harsh actions. I’d say karma’s already taking over for Zimmerman.

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