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Having your first child can be super scary, especially when you have to make one and a million choices on what to buy for your new bundle of joy. I remember that I purchased so many things and then actually never used any of them.

Diapers are a given, but here are many other items that I know you will definitely find useful. Also this book–Baby Bargins–is a great guide in helping you choose the right brands. The ones below are my favorites!

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1. Bobby Pillow – This is great for nursing and Tummy Time.

2. Bjorn– My husband loves this product. It’s great if you don’t want to bring push a bulky stroller around you can just carry your baby in the Bjorn (baby sling).

3. Bibs – You can never have enough bibs.

4. Onesies – I didn’t listen when people told me to get a lot of onesies. It’s true. Get all sizes and get lots of them!

5. Bouncy Chair – These chairs are the best. They keep your little one occupied and happy! Added bonus you can actually get some work done around the house or actually take a shower. Just sit them right in front of you and you are all set. Veteran’s moms, don’t act like you didn’t do the same thing :)

6. Bedside Crib – This is a great way to have your baby right next to and not put their safety in danger. It is advised by medical professionals not to have your baby sleep with you. I suggest you follow the guidelines. I still have mine for the next baby.

7.  First Aid Kit/ Creams – It’s always important to have a first aid kit around. Especially the thermometer.

8. Bottle Bag Cooler – No matter if you are breastfeeding or bottlefeeding, it’s still important to keep milk cold. The bottle bag coolers are easy and convenient. Make sure you choose the right size to fit the type of bottles you have.

9. Baby Wash /Baby Lotion – Baby wash and lotion are essential for new born babies. I am partial to Johnson & Johnson but you can use any brand you like.

10. Play Gym – This is a great tool to help your new bundles of joy to get acclimated to his/her new surroundings.

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