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This is by no means disrespecting the fallen legend Whitney Houston. I am simply stating my disdain with all of the folks who have surrounded her through the years who have been in the media lately, capitalizing on her death to keep themselves relevant or at least talked about. Here’s three recent stories in the media involving those close to the fallen star that just have me a bit Whitney Houston’ed out. Please let this woman rest in peace!

1. Bobbi Kristina’s Brother-Loving Ways

Just because Bobbi Kris doesn’t identify with Nick Gordon as her brother, the two were raised together for four years. While I am all about Bobbi Kris’ happiness, I don’t think it should come at the price of being publicly incestuous. I also understand Nick being there to help Bobbi Kristina through this tough time of losing her mother, but this relationship–which was confirmed at a BBQ–is just wrong. The announcement is almost making a mockery of the fact that Whitney raised them together and now that she’s gone, they’re…well, together.

2. Raffles van Exel’s Press-Releasing Ways

We were all in shock when the National Enquirer boasted the first photo of Whitney Houston after her death. And after the initial dust settled, everyone wanted to know who would have the audacity to take the photo because it had to be someone close to the family because of the exclusive access. Raffles van Exel finally came out from hiding to admit that he was the one that took the pic. His company–Raffles Entertainment–then released this statement void of an apology or a stitch of remorse.

3. Monique Houston’s Opinion-Having Ways

Gary Houston’s ex-wife, Monique Houston appeared on Dr. Drew to talk about her disdain of Bobbi Kris’ interview with Oprah and ended up going in on her ex-husband’s former drug abuse problems during their marriage. Seriously? Whitney is gone. I wish these media outlets would stop trying to get interviews with any and everyone semi-close to her to make it news.

I’d love for Whitney Houston to be able to rest in peace. What do you think about everyone around Whitney being in the news these days? Let’s discuss on Twitter @Rhapsodani.

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