When Kreayshawn debuted on the music scene, she was scrutinized for her use of the word “n***er.” But after seeing the controversy behind being a white rapper and using the derogatory term, she refrained from using it. Last week as a hack, one of her followers added a “RT” in front of a fake tweet saying, “Sometimes I wish slavery was still going on.” Immediately, because of her history, she began being attacked on the social network. In a recent interview with Necole Bitchie, Kreayshawn discusses the incident:

We saw the slavery tweet and were offended, so why don’t you tell us what happened?

I was asleep when all this started unfolding, you know how Twitter has the trending topics…Well this one I guess was fake retweets of me. And then everyone started doing it. Like, “Lets put RT in front of Kreayshawn’s name” and saying these horrible things, and finally my fans and a few of my friends started hitting me like “your page’s been hacked.” I went on Twitter and saw that there wasn’t anything on my timeline that I didn’t tweet. But then I checked my @replies and I saw everything.

So you never made the slavery tweet or any of the others?

No. I wouldn’t even say anything like that. I’m from Oakland. I don’t even think of these things. We don’t even have racism out there like that, or somewhere else. I don’t know why anyone would think I had the heart to say some crazy ass sh-t like that.

Are Kreayshawn’s Racist Tweets From A Hacker?

Which Matters The Most: The Race That Uses The “N” Word Or The Context It’s Used In?

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