How many times have you tried mixing oil and water and it didn’t work? And how many times have you seen a tabloid with two completely ‘different’  stars stating they’ve hooked up and asked yourself, “How did that even happen?!”

Many of our favorite celebrities have been seen crossing paths with one another. Many hooks ups we saw coming, many we didn’t see at all.  When looking back on some of these memorable relationships we can ask ourselves, “What were they thinking?!”

Finding out Brad Pitt had a thing for Robyn Givens in the late 80’s threw us for a loop. His taste in women seems to be very diverse. He’s had relations with Jennifer Aniston and has a blossoming  relationship with The Tomb Raider‘s Angelina Jolie. Even Mrs. Jolie-Pitt  had a few questionable relationships – Billy Bob Thornton and her infamous kiss with her brother.

Whitney Houston had us all puzzled when she began to date Brandy‘s brother Ray J. We had just become accustomed to her entertaining back and forth relationship with ‘R&B’s bad boy’ Bobby Brown.

And when Amber Rose went from throne watching Kanye West to being engaged to Wiz Khalifa, we all took a step back to question what actually brings these opposites together.

No matter how shocking these hook-ups and relationships may seem, they do have a way of working themselves out. Sometimes.

Take a look at the photos of our favorite opposite couples of all-time right here.

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