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With the news that change-promoting Barack Obama will bring a puppy to the White House, wouldn’t it be a change to see a president adopt from a shelter instead of spending big bucks on a pure breed? In the past, presidents’ dog picks have become popular with the American people, much like the huge spike in Dalmatian purchasing when Disney’s 101 Dalmatians premiered in theaters.

So wouldn’t it be great if, by adopting a dog in need, the rest of America would consider the option as well? And with the big changes that are bound to come with our new presidential-elect, why not try to mix things up -literally – with a mixed-breed pup and, since there’s two of the Obama girls… why not scoop a dog for each? The American Kennel Club is hoping the Obamas will choose a pair of 6-week-old toy poodles rescued by Flora’s Pet Project/Poodle Rescue in Connecticut. Also mentioned is that one of the Obamas’ daughters suffers from allergies, so the poodle “pupdentials” won’t be a problem because they don’t shed.

Past pups that presidents have chosen are Golden Retrievers, Laborders, Terrier and beagles.