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Lawd! Another episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” (or should I say Real Housewives of South Africa) aired last night and the ladies are still at each other’s throats. We last left our Southern Belles with Sheree and Marlo arguing about what only God knows, and Sheree getting ready to go to a dinner at her friend’s house with Phadera and Kandi. After the dinner, Phadera, Kandi and Sheree arrive to the club to meet the rest of the girls. As soon as the girls get to the club, Marlo  makes it a point to make Sheree feel uncomfortable and gives her the middle finger as soon as they see each other. Sigh, how old are these girls again?

Marlo then makes it rain in the club with her South African money, and Phadera and Kandi don’t hesitate to pick up the flood from the ground (get it, make it rain, pick up the flood.. LOL) and stuff it in their bras.

After leaving the club, the girls head back to their hotel rooms and get ready for their day. They’re going on an African Safari and it seems like everyone got that memo except Nene and Marlo who spend hours getting ready and deciding what heels to wear, despite the fact that they’re going to be in the wild with animals all day long. SMH

When it’s time to go on the Safari, the girls split up again: Talls vs. Smalls, and head their opposite ways on the Safari.

The Smalls seem to be having a great time, getting along and learning all about the animals along the way while the Talls on the other hand are overwhelmed by Marlo’s excessive talking.

After the Safari, the girls go and visit a local school where they are greeted by the children outside laughing, dancing and singing to make the girls feel welcome. After visiting and playing with the kids at the school, they feel overwhelmed with emotion and want to give the school children whatever they can to make their lives easier. They go to the local drug store and purchase toiletries, food, clothing and other items to give to the school children.

After leaving the school, they then go visit an orphanage that was filled with children who were physically sick and all under four years old. Seeing the girls with the orphans really touched my heart, and it seemed like it truly touched the hearts of the girls also because at that moment they realized how blessed and how great their lives really were, even Marlo’s, and really wanted to give the orphans as much as they possibly could.

It seems like this part of the trip was truly a life changing experience, at least until next week’s episode.

What did you think about this weeks episode?

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