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When I saw the previews for this week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, I couldn’t help but to get excited at the fact that Nene and Kim would FINALLY be in a room together and FINALLY try and hash out their problems. Boy was I wrong. After watching this episode, I’ve officially given up all hope that these two would ever become friends again.

Let’s back up to the beginning of the episode where Cynthia and Peter decided to have a double date with Phadera and Apollo. On their double date, they finally ended all the drama that stirred up at Kim’s baby shower, so many episodes ago. Better late than never right?

Phadera decides to plan a trip for all of the girls to go to Africa. She thinks it would be great for all the ladies to get in touch with their heritage and try and mend the broken friendships between the group. Good Luck!

Meanwhile, Nene’s business partner/sugar daddy flies to Atlanta to meet with her about their business plans and of course shower her with a little retail therapy. Nene continues to insist that the two are strictly business partners but you can’t help but give them the side-eye at all the things he’s buying her. Hmm.

Kandi and her mom plan an intimate dinner to get all of the girls together and try to get everyone talking again. Mama Joyce puts Kim and Nene on the spot at the dinner and asks them why they aren’t friends anymore and if they think they could ever have the relationship they once had.  I guess I shouldn’t have held my breathe on this one, because it took so much effort for Kim and Nene to even look at each other, let alone say hi. Kim explained that it was like Nene and her got divorced from each other, no hard feelings, no more drama and no more friendship. Nene agreed, and told everyone that she would never become friends with Kim again. Sigh. I really loved Nene and Kim together and miss their friendship.

Maybe they’ll patch things up when they go to Africa on next week’s episode? What do you think?

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