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workout-officeWhen I ask most women why they are not physically active the most common response is: “Girl…please?! I don’t got TIME to workout!” Understandable since the average woman works nine hours more each week than she did in 2004 (based on data collected by the Center for Work-Life Policy). So I get it, you’re strapped to that swivel chair and a 7-foot cubicle more hours than you would like to admit…mamma gotta work. But momma gotta take care of her health too! So make your workday “work” for you by making “time” for these awesome tips!

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1. Take your lunch break.
The reason the U.S. Department of Labor mandates breaks during the workday is because it is insane to work non stop and not eat, let alone stretch your legs! So honor the laws in place for your health and stop scarfing down your turkey sandwich at your desk. Instead, go out and pick up lunch, power walking on the way there and back. After awhile make it harder and pick a locale further away from your office. The faster you get used to walking the more calories you burn. Win, win, WIN! Don’t want to buy lunch out every day? That’s cool, pack your lunch and power walk to a nearby park or playground. Not only will you get a much needed break from the office, but your quick commute will serve your body and mind in a way that lunch at your cubicle never could.

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