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Last night was a super chill and drama-free episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, probably because the girls hardly saw or spoke to each other.  Sometimes those types of episodes are needed- something like the calm before the storm.

Sheree and her ex-husband are still be going back and forth about the child support issue and before Sheree could decide whether to take him to court or not, she gets served with papers  from her ex requesting that his child support be reduced since he only makes $3,000 a month. Sheree is devastated and regrets that she didn’t take him to court sooner. She confides in her mother and Phaedra, who promises to help her in court. SMH

Cynthia and Nene go on a “business” trip to New York City where Nene meets with her friend/business partner about starting a business together and Cynthia visits  her old stomping grounds. I was a little uncomfortable watching Nene’s date/business meeting with her “friend”, John Kolaj who is the owner of the Italian restaurant, Famous Familglia. The two flirted throughout their dinner, while John showered her with  gifts including a pair of Christian Louboutins and a pen from Tiffany’s that Nene was told to use when she signed her first million dollar check. We also found out that Nene’s real name was Linnethia, and that the business that they were going to open together was going to be named after her birth name. Interesting..

Meanwhile, Cynthia visited her ex-boyfriend, Russell Simmons (who knew they dated), and talked to him about her own business ventures (because who better to talk to about models than the man who’s dated them all!) The two flirted a little bit and he gave her some ideas for her modeling school, telling her to call it a fashion school instead of a modeling school so that the “chubby girls who can’t model can be apart of it too”. Thanks Uncle Rush.

And now for the grand finale of this week’s episode: the birth of Kim’s son, KJ. Although we didn’t get to see the actual birth, we did hear Kim cursing everybody in the delivery room out, so we can only imagine what went down during the delivery. I’m assuming it was something like “a mack truck driving through your hoo-hah.” (sounds painful)  It was great to see all the love between Kroy, Kim and her two daughters especially when they saw their new family addition for the first time. I’m glad that Kim has finally found happiness!

What did you think about this week’s episode?

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