I never claimed to be an expert. That’s where a lot of dating and relationship bloggers get it wrong. I write about topics that come up with my girlfriends, the many men I‘ve dated or my brutally honest homeboys (who I group together under the character Manny). What a lot of so-called relationship columnist aim to do is save you. They put on a red cape and think the words they write will make your life better. Not the case with …Says The Single Girl.

What I do is present a different way of viewing things. I say what you wish you could. With STSG it is what it is.

Being a woman of color in the dating blogging game I‘m determined not to sell a bill of goods or ask my readers to join hands or get on our knees and pray for marriage, the white picket fence and 2.5 kids.

I never question why we are single. I know why I‘m single. I‘m single because I‘m not ready to do the things that make it easy for a man to be in my life. I‘m a little dramatic, not quite ready to play house, and like variety. It took me a long time to discover that answer. I implore you to do that same.

If you’ve stumbled across …Says the Single Girl in hopes of befriending an Amen Choir, keep looking.

What you won’t find here is my sob story, tales of my dates gone wrong or love lost.

You are going to love me one day, hate me the other, wish you had my “balls” the next and call me out in the street for a brawl on another.

I will guarantee this, you will be entertained!


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