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Real Housewives of Atlanta 2011We’re almost at the end of this season’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” but first, we had to see Phaedra’s apprenticeship at Willie Watkins’ Funeral Home come to an end. One of Phaedra’s final tasks as an apprentice is to help a “real” family deal with the grieving process of losing their loved one, selling them a casket and helping them plan the funeral. Ms. Parks is more so excited about the idea of selling this family a casket than actually helping them grieve, but I guess that’s expected considering her love for the dead. Phaedra meets with the family and puts on her sympathetic voice, trying to help them cope with their loss. She seems to be doing a terrific job comforting the family and making them feel welcome, even if she is putting on a show. Little does Phaedra know, this family is a pretend family, and this is the last step she must pass before being hired to help out at the funeral home. Phaedra does a great job, and now it seems as if she’s ready to start putting on funerals that are worth dying for!

Meanwhile, Nene travels to LA to meet with the creators of the television show, ‘Glee”. After her meeting, she meets up for lunch with Steve Harvey and his wife and then Keshia Knight-Pulliam. She discusses the possibility of moving to LA permanently, because she wants to take her acting career seriously. Am I the only one who didn’t know that Nene had all these celebrity friends? Looks like she’s really getting Hollywood! Work!

Things are heating up between Kim and Kroy and Kroy is ready to make the next big step. He goes to Kim’s father to ask him for permission to marry his daughter. Of course, Kim’s father thinks it’s a great idea, and thinks Kroy is the perfect man for Kim, after all, he has been able to successfully take care of Kim and her two daughters, and proven himself to be a great father to KJ. Looks like Kroy is a winner!

Later, all of the girls come together to support Phaedra at her big event at City Hall. Even Nene is in attendance, but of course makes it apparent that she is only there for Phaedra and not there to be cordial to Sheree and Kim. During the event, the girls are a little confused when they see that Willie Watkins is being honored and not their friend, Phaedra. “Are we at a funeral?” the girls ask each other, looking overly bored and miserable during the long drawn out speeches. Kim and Sheree get up during the middle of the ceremony and take a step outside where Kim shows Sheree the ring Kroy has gotten her and reveals to her that she’s now engaged! She even goes as far to ask Sheree to be one of the bridesmaids in her wedding! Wow these two have come a long way, from wig pulling and now bridesmaids in the wedding! What are frenemies for!?

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