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The folks at shape.com has come with some simple yoga moves that will tone and reshape your body.

More than just a relaxing discipline, yoga is also an incredible workout. Deep, energizing breaths combined with fluid movement and challenging poses train your heart and lungs, light up your muscles and make you feel amazing.

In this program, you’ll move smoothly from one pose to the next (this progression, or flow, of poses is known as a vinyasa), rather than holding each position. In addition to the cardiovascular calorie burn this achieves, you’ll tone and reshape your entire body, making you look longer, stronger and leaner.

Get fit without leaving home.

Do these moves in the order shown. To make it a truly cardio-style yoga workout, move from one pose to the next without stopping (but also without getting breathless), giving yourself 4-6 counts to move into each pose before going on to the next. Repeat the sequence 6-8 times, alternating sides each time you perform the Warrior I, Warrior II and Side Plank poses.

Downward-Facing Dog

From Warrior II, turn toes of right foot forward aligned with left foot; bend forward from hips, pressing hands on floor on each side of left foot just in front of shoulders. Step left foot back to meet right; lift hips to form an inverted V.

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Jump away your jiggle.

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