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Some of you maybe deep into your college final exams or they’re just around the corner. We’ve found some great tips from northernstar.info on how to stay healthy and sane during this stressful time!

High-Performance Finals Checklist

Food and Nutrition

  • Increase intake of fresh fruits and vegetables to build up a nutritional reserve.
  • Stock up on healthy snacks for study times or breaks.
  • Drinks lots of water to keep hydrated and maintain energy.

Sleep and Relaxation

  • Maintain as normal a sleeping pattern as possible and strive for seven to eight

    hours of sleep each night.

  • Consider exercise, yoga, deep breathing, hot showers, progressive muscle relaxation, visual imagery, music, etc,
  • If planning to stay awake excessively at night, plan several ways to stay awake and alert such as frequent breaks, going outside for fresh air, or mild exercise,
  • Even a short exercise break can reduce stress and tension, enhance alertness and refocus the mind.

Drugs and Medication

  • Assess caffeine use. While caffeine can be effective for maintaining alertness, using too much of any drug can reduce effectiveness, even caffeine.
  • Alcohol, while it may help relax, can also impair memory and make it harder to stay awake.

Time Management

  • Plan a time schedule for each exam or project due. More frequent, shorter study sessions per subject are more effective than fewer but longer ones.
  • When unexpected events arise that take time from studying, replace that time from your other free time. Adjust schedule to keep study time a priority.
  • Go into exam week with a confident attitude.

Now you’re all set to ace those exams!!!!

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