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HelloBeautiful reader Jasmin entered our Tumblr contest and won two tickets to the New York screening of Beyonce’s “Live At Roseland: Elements Of 4” DVD. To the audience’s surprise, Beyonce – Jasmin’s favorite artist and ultimate icon – and her baby belly came out for a pre-show Q&A, sending her fans into sheer pandemonium. Here, Jasmin tells us her story.

It’s Sunday morning and reality has set in. I’m going to see Beyonce’s screening of her “Live At Roseland” concert DVD. OMG!!!!!

I hop on the train with my 4-year-old goddaughter, who also happens to love Beyonce, and we’re off! We arrived at the Paris Theatre at 2pm – sharp. Contest winners were told to arrive at 3pm to pick up tickets and doors opened at 4pm, but we wanted to be early! I was surprised to see that only about 10 people were already standing on line. “Woohoo,” I thought, “We’re only a dozen people or so away from the main entrance.”

As we’re standing on line and my goddaughter is drawing attention singing “Who Run The World,” I notice the line of contest winners beginning to pick up. Next thing you know, it’s wrapped around the block and there’s pandemonium outside the theatre with contest winners, ticket holders and VIP members. I saw Beyonce’s cousin, Angie, and immediately got excited ALL OVER again!

At 3:30pm, they begin giving us wristbands and checking our names off of the contest winners list. Ahhhhhh! My name is there – my wristband is on! Can’t WAIT!!! It is now 4:30pm and the doors finally opened up – we’re in! I grabbed my popcorn and water (free snacks!) and made my way into the theatre. I was surprised to see how small the venue was, but was ecstatic that we were only 8 rows to the left of the stage.

Then…I saw a white chair with spot lights on it and a camera crew surrounding the stage. As we were being seated, we were asked not to record or take any photos during…Beyonce’s Q&A. “Wait, did they just say Beyonce was going to be here?!” OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!! This was a SURPRISE!!!! Next thing I knew, in walks the beautiful Mrs. Carter, glowing. Her dress was beautiful! Her hair perfect, of course! She answered a few questions and made the audience laugh when asked about her undeniably big belly. Her reaction: “Big?! *leans back* “Lorddd!” Hahahaha. I love her!

Her DVD was amazing! It opened up with her and Jay’s hands over lapping one another showing off their “IV” tattoos. The audience could not compose themselves. We cheered, applauded, awwwwwww’d throughout the entire DVD. Some of us even got up during some of her performances and danced in our seats! I went to her second concert at Roseland back in August and I can honestly say, watching it in the theatre, I felt like I was reliving that moment ALL OVER AGAIN! The DVD made me cry – a lot! But I can’t wait to pick up my Deluxe Two Disc DVD on Tuesday.

Thank you HelloBeautiful for letting me experience this amazing moment with my favorite artist in the ENTIRE WORLD!!!! Follow me on Twitter!

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