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As a woman you will find often that we are held to a different, sometimes higher, standard than men regarding our sexual relationships. We are more frequently labeled “hoes” and promiscuous if we engage in the same acts as a man.

We call this the double standard and so many times it dictates how a woman will be received.

Angela Yee of “The Breakfast Club” does a segment every Friday where she inducts someone (both a man or woman) into the “Hoe Hall Of Fame.” It has become wildly popular with audiences but it makes you wonder…what exactly is a hoe? is she someone who has sex often? Is a “hoe” someone who has sex for money or in a Jerry Springer case–a bag of chips? What is it that actually qualifies someone to be a hoe?

Angela Yee crowned Kim Kardashian “Queen Hoe,” having turned a sex tape into a $20 million marriage, so what is the science behind “hoedom?”

Angela says “Hoes Be Winning,” so let’s see what a hoe is and which of our favorite celeb ladies are one!

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