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As beautiful as fresh cut flowers are, they do not last long. However, there are ways we can ensure that the flowers that we purchase lasts longer. The secret is in the petal. Flowers with firm and ‘upright’ petals are considered to be freshest.

Here are some tips on how to choose the freshest flowers:

1) Choose flowers with some unopened buds. But avoid any tightly shut green buds, which were not given enough time to mature before cutting and will never open. 

2) Check leaves for discoloration and imperfections-an unhealthy appearance may indicate the flowers are past their prime.

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3)  Avoid the pre-mixed grocery store bouquets. It’s fun to break up these bouquets into smaller arrangements, but I find that the pre-made grocery store bouquets are often less fresh. They seem to wilt faster. Also, they are usually padded with a great deal of unnecessary greenery. I just like to pick out my own single varieties, unless there is something really extraordinary in one of those pre-made bouquets. 

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