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Bestselling Author JL King reveals the cure for an age old human instinct – love – in the new inspirational book, A Healing Guide For Women Who Need Understanding: Men, Sexuality, Love, TrustIt’s Not Your Fault. In the highly anticipated book, Author JL King reminds us that in spite of past circumstances, same sex secrets, temptations and fears, the spirit of appreciating the unique qualities in ourselves builds a foundation of hope.

A Healing Guide For Women Who Need Understanding: Men, Sexuality, Love, TrustIt’s Not Your Fault focuses on four fundamental principles that evoke emotion in our lives which challenges us to try and understand the desires of our hearts. In response to countless letters, emails and conversations from people puzzled about the down low (DL) phenomena, JL King responds with a resource guide, providing solutions to move pass the hurt. The guide addresses: 1.) What to do if you have suspicions that your partner is living a double life; 2.) How to mentally prepare for a candid conversation with your partner about your sexual histories; 3.) Surviving tragic life-altering events; and, 4.) Ways to strengthen relationships while maintaining a clear sense of self.

An advocate for HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted disease prevention awareness, JL King expands his movement to enhance emotions of trust in relationships; campaign on understanding sexual orientation; and, reestablishing motivational messaging among woman, reassuring the possibilities of love.

A Healing Guide For Women Who Need Understanding: Men, Sexuality, Love, TrustIt’s Not Your Fault shows women the power of love and forgiveness; outlines the reasons DL men avoid exposure; and makes certain that women know that it’s not your fault.

JL King will reveal guide exerts during his Love on a Two Way Street campaign which kicked off on Friday, August 19, 2011 in Orlando, FL and will continue on a national 20 city tour. To order [autographed] copies of A Healing Guide For Women Who Need Understanding: Men, Sexuality, Love, TrustIt’s Not Your Fault and for more information on the Love on a Two Way Street campaign, visit JL King’s website HERE!


Since JL‘s debut nonfiction book, which appeared on The New York Times best seller list for more than 30 consecutive weeks and, landed him a seat on the Oprah Winfrey Show, he has been on a motivational crusade. JL‘s gift of spontaneity allows him to fully involve his readers through relatable characters, familiar situations and unpredictable outcomes.

Author of (9) nine books that range from the nature of human behavior to guides on the affects of health issues on minorities and, sexual orientation and its impact on schools to animal adventures, JL has more than 25 years of experience in writing, publishing, creating and implementing communications strategies for corporations, organizations, aspiring writers and authors. Due to his contributions to the literary world, King has been the keynote speaker and presented awards by approximately 250 education, health and faith based organizations to include: Tuskegee University, Harvard, Howard, Princeton, Alabama A&M, Southern, Florida A&M and Tulane Universities; and, the African American Conference for HIV/AIDS, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention and National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE). His commitment to multiculturalism and, candid approach to majority issues and minority concerns has made JL one of the most influential Americans.

JL encourages healthy relationships by providing reliable resources, timely tactics and insight on social misconceptions in the public awareness DVD, ―No More Secrets, No More Lies – Saving our Daughters: II.” The sequel DVD is a follow-up to the best selling, health and social conscious VHS, ―No More Secrets, No More Lies.‖ The video series pays special attention to the social context of health, HIV/AIDS, relationships and environmental threats that affect youth through a host of interviews with young ladies, clergy and same-sex partners. As well, JL provides practical information on how women and men can make better decisions about sex and relationships in the Docudrama DVD, The Top 10 Signs of ‗Down Low‘ Behavior and… More; he offers answers to that never ending question, ―What are the signs of a man on the Down Low?

Pulling from life‘s experiences and people personalities, JL is committed to community outreach and philanthropy. JL has raised awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS through not only his community focused network, but also through his work as an activist and inspirational speaker at clinics, schools and organizations around the world. Because of his BOLD approach to fostering education, JL has been a guest on hundreds of television broadcasts ranging from CNN and Inside Edition to NBC and ABC affiliates. And, appeared in more than 150 [inter]national publications ranging from Newsweek and Time Magazines to The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune. King has been listed in Ebony Magazine‘s 50 Most Intriguing Blacks and honored as a NAACP Image Award Nominee for Outstanding Literary Work.

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