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Last night was the second episode of “The T.O Show”. Terrell is still recovering from his traumatic surgery and his doctors tell him that it will be challenging for him to play football in the upcoming season. Terrell becomes even more motivated from the doctor’s words and he puts his plan into action to be ready to go for the season.

Kita reluctantly becomes Terrell’s “nurse” and tries her best to help him get better in the best way she can. She attempts to cook him a meal which turns out HORRIBLE and according to T.O had “strands of hair and weave all up in it!”

Kita then goes to pick up Terrell’s black and yellow sports car from Alabama and blast’s Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” all the way back to Florida before getting stuck in a ditch!

The show ends with Terrell and Kita having a playful/flirtatious argument which makes it so obvious that they like each other!! LOL

Did you enjoy last night’s episode? Will you tune in next week? @xoxoSHAR

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