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love damages art work

Sometimes in life, we all have desperate moments. We panic when we think the person of our dreams is a flight risk and we do everything within our power to convince them that we are their true soul mate. In Timothy Michael Carson’s new novel, LOVE’S DAMAGE (Atria Books/Strebor Books; August 2011; $12.00), we come to find that everything that looks good is not always good for us and oftentimes the best solution is to simply let go. Broaching on all areas of love, LOVE’S DAMAGE is a spellbinding story that will have readers on the edge of their seats turning the pages to experience the unfolding drama. On the quest for perfect love, three individuals attempt anything to ward off any further pain—no matter the consequences.

Negating the laws that govern the heart, three very different people try to love on their own terms. As each character takes a ride on this rollercoaster of love, they endure many highs, lows, and unforeseen twists and turns. Shielding themselves from any further unwarranted pain, each will try to avoid the laws that govern the heart and attempt to love on their own terms. On a quest for happiness, encompassed with the bitter and the sweet of falling in love, they will attempt to let down their guards and avoid Love’s Damage.

Carson is phenomenal when it comes to developing his characters, as seen in his debut novel, When The Truth Lies. In LOVE’S DAMAGE, Carson once again earns his worthiness as a writer to be reckoned with.

Everyone who has had their heart broken can relate to the storyline of LOVE’S DAMAGE. With a plot filled with drama and twists and turns that will make the heart skip a beat, readers won’t want to put this book down. LOVE’S DAMAGE takes drama to another level piquing readers’ curiosity with the characters’ exploits of internet dating, attempts of recapturing old flames, and ensuring that true love is acquired. A lot of things can go right in the game of love, but a lot of things can also go wrong. Carson explores them all in this exciting story.


Timothy Michael Carson is a native of Orlando, Florida, but currently resides in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Prepping to graduate from Georgia State University, he is avidly working to complete his undergraduate degree in journalism, public relations.

Originally, Timothy self-published When the Truth Lies under his own imprint, Ready2Speak Publishing.  With the first release, When the Truth Lies received moderate success. It has been the featured novel of several book clubs and was spotlighted on the B.R. Burns Blog Radio Show. When the Truth Lies saw sales throughout the United States, South Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

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