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On March 11 2011, the world witnessed the catastrophic events of the Japan earthquake and Tsunami. Although we could never feel exactly what they felt for the loved ones lost and destroyed possessions we can only imagine the despair and state of confusion. For many of us, life has gone on as if nothing ever even transpired. However the fact of the matter is that the people of Japan are still dealing with this, they are still hurting and still trying to put the pieces back to the puzzle they call life. It will never go away and it is a wound that is still very fresh and they still need our help.

Though many of us are on the very opposite ends of the world and feel as though we are too far to help, there are things we can do to help. Aside from donating clothes and goods, here is a way for you to be fashionable and helpful at the same time. By purchasing the Rachel Roy Japan Tote for just $25, you are contributing to the welfare and the relief of Japan. Rachel Roy partnered with GlobalGivings—a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating others on the different events of the world and ways to help them, Roy partnered with GlobalGivings in an effort to help raise funding for Japan.

Check out more information on the Japan Tote and how you can help here!

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