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It makes me glad when I can keep a promise. Because so much of my time is taken up being a creative artist and not a conformist, it becomes difficult for me to be bound by a schedule. I don’t fear commitment, ever, but I’d rather go with the flow.

Unless that scheduled commitment involves money! Then I’m all game and will work around you.

Such was the case last week when I was asked to prepare an intimate and Summer’s Eve dinner to celebrate Father’s Day. Not just for anybody. It was for a power couple in Atlanta’s Socialite. The confirmation was a bit sketchy, though the menu had been approved. I didn’t panic, but I really wanted the gig. It could open doors. And right now, I need all doors wide open. Even the dog house door.

You know who you are.

1 pm the day of, and the Mrs. is like “can you still come over”? For a sit-down of 6:30, and a Grand Marnier flan as the dessert, I was so tempted to say “sorry, I need 24 hours”. But for the $ amount, I had to make it happen in 5 hours. I’m superwoman damn it. Make it work, B, make it work (Tim Gunn comes to mind when I need a push).

A super quick run to the bodega to pick up the necessary items…

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