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I prefer the company of men. As much as I enjoy my lifetime membership in the sisterhood one has to admit there is a special type of friendship a woman has with her man friends. The relationship with my man friends tend to be more organic because they approach life with a rusty machete as opposed to a pristine blade. They sparingly use tact and in a dating situation that might not be the most celebrated aspect of the male persona, but in friendship it is awarded double points.

Can Men & Women Really Be ‘Just Friends’?

At the same time, I’m not exactly a guy’s gal. I enjoy sports, but I prefer to watch glistening bodies from the bench while chatting it up with other girlfriends and wives. At the age of 28 I haven’t quite figured out why I enjoy hanging around men so much, but I do.

I can also say that with most of my exes I have remained friends and even become closer to some of them gaining a different level of respect as a result. I often wonder if this is somewhat of a plague, that I can be the go-to-girl, go to as in the friend who listens and gives valued advice but not the woman who is the one he needs advice on.

I observe that the girly girl who hangs in her tight-knit flock of female friends is the one who is most desired. She’s a lot easier to figure out, to deal with and in most ways she is the epitome of the feminine.

“I Think My Girl’s Male Friend Is More Than A Friend”

Women like me are almost too close for comfort, I’m practically one of the boys figuratively speaking. So what’s a gal to do? I can’t see myself giving up on friendships with any of my man friends because I may appear as un-dateable; I’m at a point in my life where these friendships sustain me and make me happy. If it takes a little longer for me to navigate through the dating world then so be it, but I can’t help but think, are these relationships in fact hindering my growth? Are we eventually supposed to let go of friends of the opposite sex that we’ve accumulated over the years to make room for a relationship? Sounds silly, I know, but the thought has lingered at the back of my head for a minute and I would love to know what your thoughts are!

About The Author:

Telisha Ng is a freelance writer and author of the Goddess Intellect blog from Toronto, Canada. Follow her on twitter @goddess_I

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