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Shamara Ray’s debut novel, RECIPE FOR LOVE (Strebor/Atria Books – February 2011; $12.00), has all the ingredients for the quintessential guilty pleasure: one part culinary delight, with a healthy helping of romance, and pinch of suspense for added flavor.

In this deliciously sexy novel, we are introduced to Jade, a pretty, thirty-one-year-old restaurateur who has always had a problem admitting when she’s wrong— typically finding fault in others rather than herself. But when she begins a new relationship with her main competitor without having proper closure in her previous one, the repercussions are severe and she stands to lose much more than she bargained for.

Jade dated Bryce for four years before he unceremoniously and abruptly ended their relationship. She decides after three weeks to date Cain, though she had not fully grieved the ending of her relationship with Bryce. Bryce soon returns , just as Jade is basking in her new found romance, filled with concerts, kisses, movies, and Jacuzzis. She also quickly realizes there are others that don’t share her happiness. Deception and omission is Jade’s remedy for naysayers, including her business partner and best friend, Bria—Bryce’s sister.

Just as Jade settles into the idea that she wants to be with Cain, her lies come back to haunt her and she has no one to blame but herself. Jade discovers that she must face the error of her own ways before it’s too late to salvage what matters to her most.

Shamara Ray is a graduate of Syracuse University. She currently develops business training programs for Fortune 500 executives. She has a penchant for the culinary arts and enjoys entertaining friends and family in her Long Island home. She is currently working on her next novel. You can visit the author on her website, HERE! Or, you can add her as a friend on Facebook, HERE! And, you can follow her on Twitter, HERE!

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