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As the drama between Mashonda, Swizzy and Alicia Keys begins to dwindle down, the onset of real life is unfolding. Swizzy and Alicia are now husband and wife. Their baby will be here soon. Last but not least, the discussion over Swizzy and his various children is also coming to a close. Last I counted he had a total of three with one on the way.

Mashonda is even settling into her role as the ex wife. She recently told Hip Hop Weekly the following: “I hope that my son can have a relationship with his sister in Europe and I hope all the children involved will grow together in unity. That is very important to me.” Some read this statement and were impressed with Mashonda’s maturity and new found acceptance over the situation. While others read into her statement  differently.

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The kicker is that Swizzy has not publicly acknowledged the child in Europe by a European R and B Singer. So, by Mashonda commenting on it, it confirmed that the child indeed is Swizz Beatz. Was this Mashonda’a last hoorah? Her last “got you sucka” moment? Only she knows the true intentions behind her statement.

Whether her intentions were malicious or honorable, her statement rings true. When you are in a situation with several kids by several different Mothers it can become difficult for all of the children to have a healthy relationship with one another. Especially if things between the Mother and Father are nasty.

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My question to you is rather it is truly possible for an extended family to have a healthy relationship with one another?  If so, how do you get there? I’m not talking about one that ended on amicable terms. Yeah, not that Will Smith Family love, where Jada and the ex-wife are cool and everyone gives out hugs.  I’m talking about one that consisted of a messy end to the marriage.  One where there was cheating and lies involved. Can you truly all be one big happy family after so much emotional turmoil? It takes a certain level of maturity for that to happen. Still, even the most mature person sometimes cannot  conjure up enough pretense in order to put on an act and keep the peace if they feel abandoned and victimized in any way.


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