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Ladies, how often have you been in this situation? You are at a coffee shop and you are annoyed that there is too much foam on top of your caramel latte frappachino fluffy creamy drink. You glance up from your foam filled cup to see the man of your dreams. He is just the right height, build, complexion, dress etc… You want him. You try your best to gain his attention as you know that you are working with limited time before he gets his caramel latter frappachino drink or another and leaves. So, you politely walk over to where he is standing in line and act as if you are waiting on something as well. He glances over at you and you at him. He glances over at you yet again and you smile this time. That alone should be the signal that he needed for him to approach you and strike up a conversation… Yet he doesn’t. Sadly, he walks out with coffee in hand instead of your number.

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What went wrong here? How many times have we ladies waited on the man to make the first move? Thinking that we know he is feeling us and we are doing everything in our power to give him the green light yet he does not make a move. Maybe it would have been smarter for you to approach him. Some men prefer for a woman to approach them and are sometimes nervous about approaching us no matter how many signs and queues we throw out there. Believe it or not, they can be as equally as shy and cautious about approaching a woman as we can be about approaching them.

What stops a woman from approaching a man? Well, we too are conditioned to think that the guy is supposed to come and talk to us and if he doesn’t then that means that he wasn’t as interested as we believed. Right?  Or we assume that he must have a girlfriend or be married.

Generally, women assume that men are comfortable with approaching us because that is what society has deemed is appropriate. So, in essence many men have to make themselves step outside of their comfort zone even when they are unsure of themselves.  Could it be time for women to be the aggressor? How many times have you come across a guy that you were interested in but were too afraid to approach him?  What stopped you? Is it ever appropriate for a woman to ask a man out?

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