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Don’t let one day, one week, or even one year of blowing your diet affect your choices today and every day after. Pick up where you left off and start making those changes again. Of course we all fall into temptation and have that piece of cake or all those slices of pizza, but it is truly how we handle the meals after that determines our success.

Start by accepting the blunder. It has happened and you cannot change what you have already eaten, but what you can change is your next meal. By making a good, healthy decision the next time, you will feel better mentally and physically and avoid falling into a slump possibly leading to another poor nutritional choice.

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Expecting and preparing for setbacks can permit for damage control and allow you to take control of the situation to avoid further setbacks like weight gain and disappointment. Keep these tips in mind and realize that having a recovery plan is all a part of successful meal planning and weight loss.

Forgive yourself. You are human and are allowed to make mistakes. Realize that this mistake and help you regain control and eliminate a craving that may have caused an overindulgence ahead.


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