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Y0u know that it’s going to be a long day when you”re two coffees deep and you’re still yawning at 11am.  Sitting around at a desk is bound to make you drowsy.  So why not help yourself out and make your work-week a little more exciting?

For starters, it’s important to wake up in the morning as calmly as possible.  Rather than having a screeching alarm clock that seems to resound in your head all day, try to get a softer sound.  Make sure it’s loud enough to wake you up, but won’t give you a migraine before you even stand up.  If you’re having a hard time sorting out your thoughts in the morning, keep an easy book on your nightstand.  It’s important to get your mind working in the morning or else you will always be a little bit behind.  Even if you read 2-3 pages in the morning it will make you alert enough to begin your day.

After you’ve gotten out of bed on the right foot, treat yourself to something in the morning.  Even if it’s something small, it’s important to eat something and get some energy in the morning.  If you don’t have time, make sure that you pack something to snack on during your commute.  While you’re packing things in the morning, pack yourself a little surprise for later.  Whether it’s a chocolate bar or a good magazine article, make sure you plan for yourself to have a short break later on.  Having something to look forward to always makes time go a little faster.

If all of the work that you have lined up for the day seems overwhelming, it’s really easy to get too stressed and accomplish nothing.  Making lists of priorities always helps me feel more on track.  Write down what needs to get done in order of when it needs to get done.  There’s nothing like crossing tasks off of a list and watching it slowly shrink by the end of your day.

When your hair feels like it’s standing up and you can’t help but keep your fists clenched, it’s time for a short break.  Either treat yourself to what you brought for short entertainment or just step outside of the office for a few minutes.  A change of scenery has the power to bring back your energy in a positive way and calm you down.

Do you have anymore tips on how to make your work week a little less stressful? We need all the advice we can get!

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