#BlackBuzzfeed: Ear Burns & 4 Other Reasons Your Momma Should Have Never Done Your Hair In The Kitchen [PHOTOS]

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hairdry“OUCH!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, just about each and every time my mom decided to plop me down in the kitchen to straighten out my unruly and tightly-wound curls. No matter how “careful” she claimed to be, my momma would nick my ear with that burning-hot comb, rub it and say, “Momma’s sorry!” before unintentionally doing it again. I’m surprised you can’t still see the marks now!

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After reminiscing on those burning-good times, I called my momma to tell her why she should have never opted to do my hair in the “comforts” of her kitchen. Allow me to share these reasons with you.


The Dreaded Ear Burn

Any time I could feel the breath of that hot comb on my neck, I flinched. My mom would tug on my curls and snap, “Keep still!” It was kind of hard to stay still when you know she’s going to slip and nick your ear with that burning-hot comb.

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