WTF: Asian Man Molests Woman While Giving Her CPR [NSFW]

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asian-cprAn Asian man was caught on camera giving a passed out woman mouth to mouth AND nipple to mouth. Yes, you read that right. The video opens on a woman lying down, and appears to be unconscious, so the Asian man tried to revive her, but was evidently enticed by her exposed breasts.

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Check Out The Video Below:

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In Asian cultures, women aren’t typically respected and this video could act as proof of this general statement. The woman is completely unconscious, being molested on the streets in broad daylight and no one comes to her aid. There’s even a man who walks back and forth, countless times, checking out the situation, but again, not doing anything to help her.

What do you beauties think you would have done? Please sound off in the comments below.

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