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Dinner: It’s so traditional but it’s a go-to because it allows you to kill several birds with one stone. Whether upscale or mom & pop, go out to a restaurant. You can see if your date has manners or if they eat like a slob. Is he polite to the server? Does he tip? Does he pay the bill? Can he hold decent conversation? These are all important things, and the quicker you find out the answers, the better! I don’t suggest cooking just yet. Make him work a little for that.

Skating: O anything interactive and physical is usually fun. It’s a good one if you’re nervous. Activities like this make you feel like a teeny-bopper again and usually lighten any tension. The two of you can still converse about all the important things without the intimidation of a formal environment. You can also check to see if he’s your type of fun. If his company makes you bored, even in what’s supposed to be a fun setting, you know not to move things forward.

Museum or Gallery: Gauge how open-minded he is and suggest something a bit more on the intellectual side of things. Does he appreciate diversity? Is he open to learning more about things he doesn’t understand? Is he culturally sensitive? We don’t always think to observe these types of things right off the bat, but they’re good to know.

What do you think about Claudia and Trina’s ideal first dates? What’s your idea or a good first date? Have you had any really great or horrible first dates? Share with your fellow beauties.

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