What More Did Brooke Want Draya To Do? ‘Basketball Wives: LA’ [RECAP]

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This week’s “Basketball Wives: LA” had a little less drama and even more tackiness as Jackie premiered her fashion line in New York’s Fashion Week and Brooke and Draya’s King Magazine Shoot fiasco finally came to an end. Check out some of the highlights below:

 Brooke’s King Magazine Celebration Party

The girls have all flew to New York to participate in Fashion Week. While there, Brooke decided to have a little celebratory dinner for landing the cover of King Magazine. She also invited the editor of the magazine to attend her dinner–the same editor that had a few choice words for Draya after she walked out of the shoot a few episodes back. Because he would be there, Draya opted not to attend. Of course, Brooke took offense to Draya’s absence and looked at Draya’s friendship a little differently. Brooke felt that Draya should have been there to support her no matter who attended but Draya stated that she was as happy as she could be for Brooke but it seemed as if Brooke was trying to force her to be happier. It was a good thing that Draya decided not to attend Brooke’s celebration because the editor did show up and had a few things to say about Draya’s “professionalism” or lack thereof and how great it was to work with Brooke- who was much more professional than Draya. Ouch! Malaysia didn’t like the fact that the editor of the magazine was badmouthing her friend Draya, and decided to excuse herself from the celebration altogether. Later in the episode, Malaysia told Draya everything that happened at Brooke’s dinner including the words that the editor had to say about her walking out during the shoot. Way to stir the pot, Malaysia! Needless to say, Draya was not happy to hear that.

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New York Fashion Week

Not only were the girls actually walking in some of the fashion shows during Fashion Week, but Jackie was also gearing up to premiere her fashion line for the very first time with a runway show. She recruited most of the girls to help her out with the show by modeling her clothes and assisting back stage. As usual, Jackie was a nervous wreck and afraid that some of the girls, mainly Laura, wouldn’t show up. When the time came for her fashion show, everyone was at the venue on time except for Laura, and Jackie (who adores Laura oh so much) worried that she wasn’t going to come at all. To Jackie’s surprise, at the last minute Laura actually showed up! Laura told cameras that her loyalty at that moment belonged to Jackie because she was all for women stepping up and pursuing their dreams. This is a new side of Laura that we haven’t seen before! Jackie recruited Draya to kick off the fashion show and Malaysia to close the show. All of the girls hit the runway and strutted their stuff in Jackie’s line and they all looked fab! Call her what you want, Tacky Jackie, kooky or crazy, but actually pulled off a fashion show in New York Fashion Week. Go girl!

The End To Brooke & Draya’s Friendship

It’s such a shame that this King Magazine photo shoot is what may cause of the end of Draya and Brooke’s friendship. Once the ladies returned to LA, Draya and Brooke met for dinner to discuss their differences. Brooke felt that Draya wasn’t being a true friend to her because she wasn’t genuinely happy for her accomplishment. Draya explained to Brooke that she was happy and it was a big deal for Brooke, but not for her. She also told Brooke that she was upset that the editor of the magazine discussed her business with the rest of the girls, and didn’t think that Brooke was being a true friend by sitting there and listening. Brooke and Draya came to the conclusion that maybe they weren’t true friends since they couldn’t seem to come to an agreement about this situation. Brooke seemed obviously hurt by losing Draya’s friendship because she got up from the table in mid-conversation and stormed off, leaving Draya behind and teary eyed.

Do you think that Draya was being a bad friend?

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