The Higher You Climb, The More People Want To Tear You Down ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ [RECAP]

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The drama continued on last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” when Phaedra’s big ol “donkey booty” accidentally got her in some trouble with Nene and Cynthia. Kim finally pushed her landlord to the edge and got evicted from her mansion. Check out the recap below:

Phaedra’s Butt Dial.
Although Phaedra tried to steer clear from the drama this season, it was bound to catch up with her eventually. She normally jokes about her “donkey booty” and usually it was used for good, but this time, she accidentally butt dialed Nene and left a voice-mail talking to someone about Cynthia! On the voicemail, Phaedra was talking about Cynthia being out of town and not being able to attend her son Ayden’s birthday party. “I don’t even give a f*** she’s coming,” she said. Yikes! Of course, Nene ran back and told Cynthia about the message, which hurt Cynthia since she thought that her and Phaedra were cool from all of the drama that happened with them last season. Cynthia decided to meet up with Phaedra and let her know that she knew about the call. Phaedra claimed that she didn’t say anything bad about Cynthia on the voice-mail because she doesn’t even talk like that (riight *notice the sarcasm in my tone*). Eventually Cynthia and Phaedra changed the subject, but Cynthia didn’t believe Phaedra’s story. “I don’t trust Phaedra,” Cynthia said and this time, she actually had a good reason not to.

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Kim Gets Evicted.
After sitting on her butt for months and months and not looking for a new place to live, Kim finally got evicted from her mansion and with only 48 hours to pack up and get out of the house. Kim was furious at everybody for: A. not packing and moving fast enough and B. not doing everything exactly how she wanted it done. Nene sure had a lot to say about Kim’s house situation and told cameras, “Kim moves into her ‘dream home.’ All of a sudden it’s a haunted house. Girl, please, cut the bull****. You had moved to your townhouse because your credit wouldn’t allow you to get this house. Tell it like it is so people don’t have to look at her with egg on her face.” I’m sure that after Kim skipped out on Nene’s party after she told her she would stay, Nene was just enjoying every moment of seeing Kim’s misery. The other housewives were disappointed in Kim’s decision to wait until the last minute to move out, especially Kandi who told cameras about Kim’s landlord, Kendra, blasting Kim all over the internet about her eviction. SMH. I wonder what Kroy has to say about this! Luckily, Kim was able to move back into her old town house until they found a new place to live but not without ending things on a classy note by pulling flowers from the home and yelling, “f*** you Kendra.” Classic.

Walter Meets Kenya’s Family.
Things were heating up with Walter and Kenya so it was only right that she introduced him to her aunt and uncle. At first, she was nervous about introducing him to her family but surprisingly, they gave Walter the thumbs up! Later on in the episode, Kenya decided that she would cook Walter a nice, home cooked meal and by cook I mean buy a prepackaged dinner from Trader Joe’s. She even went as far as to sprinkle a couple crumbs on the pan to make it seem like she actually slaved in the kitchen for her man. When he arrived, she told Walter that she worked on the dinner for hours! “I’m going to do everything I can to get that ring,” she told cameras. Ladies, take notes, if you can’t cook, buy! Things during dinner got awkward when Kenya brought up the fact that she wanted some babies. Walter had no words, but continued to drink as she rambled on! Too soon Kenya, too soon!

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