A Little TLC For Your Tresses: Extra Hydrating Conditioners

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Not all hair conditioners are created equal. In fact, the ones mentioned in this entry offer a little something different which makes them stand-alone stars and special enough to get a big, fat shout out! After second thought, the one equalizer among them all is that they’re extremely hydrating, but you have to keep reading to see what other benefits they offer.

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MY HAIR IS WHAT? Just like the rest of you, your hair is aging. But don’t give up the good fight. Even though you may not be able to botox your hair to freeze time in it’s tracks, you can use one of these two anti-aging hair care brands to keep your hair looking younger, longer and without the needle prick.

White Sands Orchid Bliss Conditioner ($20.50, whitesandsproducts.com)

This conditioner capitalizes on the anti-aging benefits of the orchid plant. They’re known for their moisturizing properties and they fight the molecules that contribute to aging and tissue damage, also known as free radicals. Besides restoring necessary moisture to your strands, this intoxicating, yet gentle-scented conditioner kills the frizzies and works well with other styling products.

If your hair requires daily washing and is color-treated, then take a close look at ALTERNA Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Conditioner ($32, sephora.com).  READ MORE HERE.

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